Borland C++ Builder

This product by Borland provides a rapid application development (RAD) environment with the look and feel of Delphi, but which uses C++ instead of Object Pascal as the underlying language.

Programming Ray Dream Studio Extensions

Ray Dream Studio is a 3D modelling, rendering and animation package from Metacreations. It comes with an SDK that can be used to develop extensions for the program (using Microsoft's COM). The SDK was initially designed for the Macintosh, and the supported Win32 compiler is Visual C++. However, it is possible (thought not exactly easy) to create extensions with C++ Builder.

My extension page contains my tips for successfully creating an extension (which is a specific type of COM in-process server) and has an archive of all the files you'll need (along with the Ray Dream Studio SDK 5.0) to create a simple shader.

Component Links

CGI Expert
Has shareware and freeware versions of Builder components that make CGI programming easy.


Dennis Mattison's Unofficial Borland C++Builder Page
This site has a useful collection of BCB links and a list of available components. It also has sections for examples and a FAQ.

Brian Sturk's Unofficial Borland C++Builder Home Page
Contains a FAQ (knowledge base), links, examples and books. Also has an excellent list of freeware and shareware components available on the Internet.

Jon Jenkinson's "The Bits..." C++ Builder Information and Tutorial Site
Has the most complete set of examples I've come across so far and a known bugs list.

François Piette Programmer's Page
An amazing variety of Builder/Delphi componets for Internet applications (most of them freeware). Includes clients and servers for telnet and FTP. Also has components for POP3 and SMTP protocols.

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