Current Computer Projects

JavaScript Calculators

I've been using Javascript to write some pages that do medical calculations. I've finished the body surface area calculator and I'm working on a program that calculates recommended volumes for red cell transfusions.

Intranet CGI Database Interface

I am currently working on a project that will allow the maintenance of patient information (such as diagnoses, medication lists and problem lists) on the hospital intranet. I am using a WWW browser as the front end (the hospital currently uses Netscape 3.0). It will connect to a local server. Eventually the system can run on whatever commercial intranet server the MIS department chooses. At the moment, since there is no MIS intranet server available to me, I'm using ZB Server for the prototype phase.

The server calls CGI programs (written with Borland C++ Builder) which access Paradox and Microsoft Access tables on the hospital network. It's pretty convoluted, but I hope to have a prototype soon. After that, I anticipate that the biggest problem will be to convince people to use the system. I've tried to build features into the system that should reduce people's workloads, which will hopefully encourage use.

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