Science Fiction 3D Model Indexes

Babylon 5

Evelio's Babylon 5  3D Model Index    

I maintain an index to all Babylon 5 3D models available on the Internet. I maintain a second index to sites with unreleased Babylon 5 3D models. Some authors are willing to e-mail copies of the unreleased models if you ask nicely.

Star Wars

Star Wars Modelling Alliance Logo    

The Star Wars Modelling Alliance site has numerous models and images from the movies and derivative works. The models are all 3D Studio meshes, so you will need a converter if you use another modelling program.

Star Trek

Wolfpack Logo

The Wolfpack site contains many excellent Star Trek images and a number of meshes for ships from the shows and movies.


2001 Logo    

B.J. West has created a site with models from the movie 2001.

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