Ray Dream Studio

Ray Dream Studio is a 3D design and rendering package by Metacreations. It also contains an animator. The final version of RDS is 5.5, and the program has been superceded by Carrara.

The beta 2.4 version of my Starfield extension is ready for download.

Image Gallery

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  The Fruitbowl (79K JPEG)
This was my first attempt to create an image with Ray Dream. The grapes, cherries, strawberry, pitcher and table are pre-built objects that come with the program. I made the apple (regular and mirrored) and the bowl with the object modeller. Check out the reflection (mirrored apple) and refraction (the bowl).
  Two Blobs (15K GIF )
These two blobs were initially created as DXF files with the blob program and then imported into Ray Dream. The near blob consists of three positive spherical potentials, the far blob has three positive and one negative spherical potentials (the negative potential is responsible for the dent in the sphere facing the camera). I was impressed that Ray Dream's shaders worked automatically and correctly with these imported objects. Carrara includes a meatball modeller that performs the same function.
Picture of mounted 32 pound long gun sitting on a dock   Mounted 32 pound naval long gun (78K JPEG )
This is a model of a 32 pound naval long gun from the Napoleonic War era. The gun is made in the Blomefield pattern which, in contrast to the older Armstrong pattern, has a loop above the button. These guns were 9 feet 6 inches (3.1 meters) long and weighed 5500 lbs. (2500 kg). They were the lower deck armament on ships of the line (74 gun and larger ships). RAYflect's Four Elements extension was used to create the surface of the sea and the clouds in the background.

There are more Ray Dream images and links to model files on my Babylon 5 page.

I also made some images of a space station that my cousin Javier designed.

Ray Dream Extensions

Programming Extensions with Borland C++ Builder

Borland C++ Builder 4 is a rapid application development (RAD) tool from Borland. Although the Ray Dream SDK was initially designed for the Macintosh, and the supported Win32 compiler is Visual C++, it is possible (thought not exactly easy) to create extensions with C++ Builder.

My extension page contains my tips for successfully creating an extension and has an archive of all the files you'll need (along with the Ray Dream Studio SDK (version 148C) and C++ Builder 4) to create a simple shader.

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