Vorlon Dreadnought Design Page

Using videotapes of the Vorlon dreadnought I've reverse engineered its 3D structure and constructed a model using Ray Dream Studio 5.02. The battle sequences in Interludes and Examinations and Into the Fire were my main references.


Vorlon dreadnought in deep space

Vorlon dreadnought in deep space (70 KB JPEG)

The shaded 3D model was rendered against a background created by the Universe program.

Color-coded Vorlon dreadnought

Color-coded Vorlon dreadnought (33 KB JPEG)

The3D model is in the same orientation and postion as in the rendering above, but the pieces of the model are color coded so that you can see its structure better.

Vorlon dreadnought entering orbit

Vorlon dreadnought entering orbit (66 KB JPEG)

The planet was created in Ray Dream Studio using two concentric spheres: one for the surface and one (largely transparent) for the cloud layer. The star background was again created by the Universe program.

3D Model Files

Ray Dream Designer 5
(92 KB PKZip file)
3D Studio (2.01 MB PKZip file)
Converted by James Conner.

Unfortunately, the DXF model is 14.5 MB compressed (155.6 MB before compression), so there is no practical way to post it. If someone has a server large enough to hold the compressed model and is willing to host the file, please contact me.

Feel free to create your own renderings or modify the models. Please include a link back to this page if you put any of the results up on the WWW.

You can E-mail me if you would like me to add you to a list of people I notify when I put up new or revised models on this site.

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