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After a very long hiatus, I am making some efforts to update the web site. The update will likely occur slowly. I have started by removing the completely outdated and obsolete family news section of the site, and some minor updates on the front page. I thought is was an interesting tribute to the stability of web standards that the HTML and CSS still validate as correct after 9+ years.


I finally waded through the Babylon 3D index and removed all of the non-functioning links. I had copies of a lot of the models that I had downloaded from the original author's sites. Any that were no longer available on the Web, I uploaded to my site, so there is a lot of stuff that may have been unavailable for a while there. I also eliminated the B5 Render index, so that I can concentrate on the model index.

Hopefully, I will have time to start adding models to the index soon. I have some files that people have sent me that I will upload to my site, and also have a list of sites to check out on the Web that have models not yet indexed by me.


I fixed the Javascript problems on the body surface area calculator. More gif image references were removed from a variety of files.


The W3C has decided that they are going to enforce character encoding in their validation schemes now, so I have added

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">

tags to all my pages (iso-8859-1 is Latin-1).

I also have been gradually purging gif files from the site (because of the licensing issues), and removed the 'resource' directoy (in favor of 'res'). The final purge of the single pixel transparent gif images is coming soon!


Another batch of pages were updated to the HTML 4.01 Strict standard. The targer Mozilla browser is now 0.9.3.


I have started to go through the site to update it to HTML 4.01 Strict and CSS2 standards. Hopefully this round of updates will see the elimination of all remaining single-pixel images used for layout and uniform white backgrounds. The target browsers for this revision are Mozilla 0.9.1 and Internet Explorer 5.5. Netscape 4.x browsers are no longer supported.


I updated the main personal page, added a personal picture gallery, and updated my CV. I also fixed some of the equations on the special relativity page, and added new results for the calculation of unprimed frame distances traveled during uniformly accelerated motion.


I revised the main index, getting rid of the CNMC 1996 residents and backlink sections. I have started the changeover to a new date format (yyyy-m-d). I also have updated more site pages to use CSS. The site (at least the new pages) is now optimized for Mozilla (currently on M16).


Added pages for Ray Dream Studio extension programming with C++ Builder and for my Ray Dream Studio Starfield extension.

Added a page for my new Vorlon dreadnought 3D model.


Added new links to Internet C++ Builder components. Changed a number of page backgrounds to white since very light blue color was leading to dithering on systems set to 256 colors (if anyone knows how to use Javascript to detect the color setting of the client computer, e-mail me please).

Changed the Netscape Now icon on the index page. Updated the list of my computer projects. Added my Javascript body surface area calculator to the site. Updated computer hardware list. Added a page [subsequently removed] for Chris Sapiano's Nova-class dreadnought model.


Added the Shadow scout model page and version 3 of the Shadow battlecrab. Revised some of the pages in the B5 section of the site to be more friendly to non-Netscape browsers. Updated my software page. I've also started adding some support for cascading style sheets. Once Internet Explorer 4.0 comes out, the site will probably be optimized for CSS-aware browsers.


Added a page with links to and information about molecular biology resources on the WWW. Updated the medicine and biology page.


Added a page for Borland C++ Builder which contains only links at the moment. Updated my list of computer hardware.


The medicine and biology page was updated to include information about and a link to download a small Win95/NT program that calculates body surface area based on height and mass. I also added a link to the Medscape site.


The entire site was moved to The mailing addresses were updated and minor changes were made to some pages.


Posted the second version of the Shadow fighter. Updated software list. Section for backlinks to pages that link to my site was added.


I updated the Babylon 5 3D model index and added a new B5 Rendering Index. I cleaned up the site in general, removing "Under Construction" and "Coming Soon" signs (bet you were getting annoyed with those). I also updated my software and hardware lists.


An index to all the Babylon 5 3D models I could find on the web has been added.


The 3D model files and renderings (including a movie) for the Vorlon fighter have been added to the site. I also bought David Siegel's book "Creating Killer Websites" (which has a web site of its own). Expect some major changes in my site's appearance in the near future.


I've put the 3D model files for the Shadow fighter up. I also revised the Battlecrab model. A link to more B5 3D models by Rick Burgess was added to the Babylon 5 page.


I've finished the 3D model of the Shadow fighter from Babylon 5.


I have finished residency and started fellowship, so the CV and personal pages have been updated. I also have managed to zip the various Battlecrab 3D models to reasonable size, so you can download them directly from the Battlecrab page.


I've been on vacation, so this update is fairly large. I finished my latest Raydream 3D project, a 3D model of a Shadow vessel from Babylon 5 (which also has a new page of its own on this site). I've also updated my hardware and software configuration pages.

A few new links have been added to the science and medicine and biology pages. Finally, I've created a page for my science fiction favorites and put in entries for a few works (more to come!).


I have a new Logitech Pagescan color scanner (it was a birthday present). Of course that means that I have a bunch of scanned pictures to look at and that my site disk usage is going to go up dramatically :-). See the personal section for an example.


I put up the section [subsequently removed] for the Children's National Medical Center residency group finishing in 1996. It requires a password.


I transfered the science in science fiction case study for relativistic travel. It has a lot of equations which are implemented as inline GIF images.


I added the Science Fiction, Medicine and Biology, and Other Sciences sections. For the most part, these new sections consist of links. The navigation bars on all pages were updated. I revised the personal and WWW link pages and added two sections on physics applicable to science fiction ( falls inside of O'Neil colonies [subsequently removed] and travel at relativistic speeds). A FAQ [subsequently removed] covering science in science fiction was also added.


I added several new items to the computer section including the ring<T> class header file and documentation. I also added a list of the C++ books that I've found most useful.


I added a new image and some WWW links to the Ray Dream page.


I added the password-protected family news section for Isasi family news. Check out the first message from Ada. If anyone in the family did not get password information, E-mail me.


I added the Netscape Now icon to the index page and made some changes in the tables on the index and computer pages so that they would display better in browsers that can't handle tables (e.g. Micorsoft Explorer). I added some weather links to the link page and an image I made with my newest toy - the Ray Dream studio in a new page off of the computer page.


Today I changed from using a bgcolor to a background (single color) image on my pages in an attempt to stop Netscape from dithering the background on systems with less that 24-bit color. Let me know if backgrounds still look funny on the browser you are using. I also put up the computer page.


Welcome to my new web site. As you can see from the many Coming soon icons scattered throught the site, I still have a fair amount of material to put up. I've decided to try to keep the content simple at first. Later I'll be adding more images and experimenting with backgrounds and forms.

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